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High above Whitehaven, looking out towards Scotland and inland to the Lake District, Rosehill is the cultural hub for West Cumbria.

Lifting spirits
Changing lives

For six decades, Rosehill has offered transcendent experiences and has touched and changed countless lives.

We passionately believe that culture is key to building creative, resilient and hopeful communities, and our impact extends far beyond our intimate theatre.

In 2017, we completed Reimagine Rosehill, a major capital development which enabled us to extend our welcome and create the much-loved Green Room restaurant.

But the transformation doesn't end there.

Our programme is a rich mix - from superlative classical performers to inspirational children's work, and from wicked cabaret to socially-engaged drama - tailored to inspire and delight all sections of our community.

Our wide-ranging Taking Part programme involves and inspires the community, particularly local children and young people. And by nurturing local artists, and offering structured support through apprenticeships and training, we open up opportunities for future generations.

We have an exciting vision for the years ahead which will further deepen Rosehill's cultural, social and economic impact.

So as we celebrate 60 years at the heart of West Cumbria's cultural life, we are firmly focussed on the future. Come with us as we embark on the next exciting stage in Rosehill's journey.

The balancing of quality arts, culture and entertainment alongside work with children, young people and in a large community is exemplary... I am committed to the much-needed success of Rosehill as an essential part of the wellbeing and regeneration of the many communities of West Cumbria.
Lord (Melvyn) Bragg of Wigton


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