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Changing lives

By offering first experiences of superb artistic activity; apprenticeships and training in The Green Room; and a wide-ranging participation programme, we open doors for children and young people and others in our community to lift their sights, believe in their potential, and transform their lives.

Mahogany Opera is committed to stretching the boundaries of what opera can be and who it is for. In Rosehill we have a partner who shares our values of inclusion and collaboration. The work we have done together, with young people and professional artists performing alongside each other, has been transformational for all involved and, personally, some of the most inspiring moments in my life.
Frederic Wake-Walker, Artistic Director, Mahogany Opera Group

Since it opened in 2017, The Green Room has trained six apprentices and 12 trainees, who have become skilled and enthusiastic members of the hospitality workforce in Cumbria and beyond.

Lola, from Lowca, was a teenage mum who'd never had a 'real' job until she joined The Green Room. Thanks to her grit, determination and humour she has been able to balance family and work life and has excelled in her training. She now manages the starters and desserts section and even produced her own macaroons, which have become a popular staple of the daily menu.


"I didn't know what I wanted to do, I had no real cookery skills and wouldn't touch fish. I couldn't cook anything more than chicken nuggets! Once my little boy was at nursery, I wanted to make a go of something I was interested in. I'd studied food technology at school and passed art with flying colours, so this job is perfect for me. I really enjoy the creative side and I find the chemistry behind it fascinating. I love what I do, especially as we all have a lot of fun. Eventually I want to be a pastry chef."

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