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Taking Part is Rosehill’s programme for work with young people and in community arts. Its aim is to provide the communities of West Cumbria with a series of high quality creative opportunities to develop their expressive lives through engagement with the arts, in particular music and the theatrical arts...


  • To provide a multi-layered programme of quality participatory arts opportunities for children, young people and communities in West Cumbria
  • To develop arts projects which address cross cutting agendas such as regeneration, crime and disorder, health and wellbeing in partnership with others including local arts organisations, service providers, colleges, schools, community halls and other venues
  • To develop arts events and projects promoting community cohesion, understanding and celebrating diversity
  • To remove practical barriers to engagement and participation

Our approach is rooted in the belief that opportunities to participate in high quality arts and creative activities make a difference to people’s lives and help to create healthy and happy individuals and communities.

Our Taking Part programme introduces communities to the arts, inspires them to discover more, enhances their experience through opportunities for critical analysis and participation and encourages them to create their own work.

We achieve this by bringing regional and national organisations to work with local artists to extend and develop the skills and arts infrastructure locally while bringing exciting and innovating work to the communities of West Cumbria, an area that is highlighted as having low engagement in the arts by Arts Council England.

In 2015/16 our Taking Part programme has worked with 1414 people to date. Our programme of activity focuses on three areas Music Makers, Theatre Makers and Messel’s Makers.

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