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From time to time, we will want to tell you about:
  • forthcoming productions
  • taking Part activities
  • hospitality activities
  • fundraising appeal
  • news about the theatre
  • information about events at carefully selected partners in the area
We would like to communicate to you by post, email and telephone, where you have given us permission to do so.
The first time we have contact with you, we will ask you to make a data protection declaration, whereby you can let us know if you are happy for us to contact you and in what way. In order to better personalise this, we will then invite you to specify what you would like to hear from us about, so we only send you relevant information. This will be in the form of a brief online questionnaire, or if you do not have access to the internet, we will post one out to you. Until we know what your preferences are, we will use our best judgement based on how you have engaged with Rosehill Theatre in the past, to determine what we send you.


We are grateful to the following organisations for capital funding:

We are grateful to the following organisations for revenue funding:


We are grateful to the following organisations for their in kind support: