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Calm In Cumbria

Home News Calm In Cumbria

Calm in Cumbria is a Hollr movement to promote digital wellness and calmness by young people for young people across Cumbria. This project is in partnership with Rosehill Theatre and Copeland Wellness Service and is part of Rosehill's season of creative wellness events and initiatives which runs from February to April 2022.

Hollr want to know what makes you happy and what you do to stay calm in Cumbria. So they are inviting you to upload videos or images to be part of a Calm in Cumbria exhibition at Rosehill, which will take place between February and April 2022. Hollr want to create a safe space to share, where young people can submit their own creative video or images via the submission link or by uploading and using the hashtag #calmincumbria.

This could be anything from images or videos of your art, practicing or making art or being creative, or it could simply just be an image or video of hobbies you might have or any other videos or images of calmness in Cumbia. This could be a Meme or Gif, sharing creative writing through poetry or expressing feelings of Calm in Cumbria through the medium of paint, dance or photography.

Rosehill Theatre exhibition February – April 2022

Some of the video and images which are submitted will be used as part of a creative wellness exhibition which will be showcased at Rosehill from February to April 2022. The exhibition will be developed in partnership with Hollr, Rosehill, Copeland Wellness Service and young people from across Cumbria. The exhibition will be curated by young people from across Cumbria and will also be shared digitally. More details of the exhibition will be available in January 2022.

How to contribute

To take part in the #calmincumbria campaign we ask that you film a short 10-30sec video or take and submit an image (no larger than 5GB) of things that makes you happy and what they do to stay calm in Cumbria.

Participants can either submit their entry by either using the following submission from https://8fuzygmguy1.typeform.com/to/HolOkQ4w or use the hashtag #calmincumbria. Submissions are open until the end of February.

You must be aged 14+ to contribute and we are advising that anybody under 18 to also consider your online safety if you are choosing to use the hashtag. If you are unsure on how to keep safe please see some useful guidance and support https://saferinternet.org.uk/guide-and-resource/young-people/resources-for-11-19s

For more details, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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