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Anonymous, Elizabeth Birkett, Max Egremont, Penelope Elias, Richard Elder, John and Joan Fisher, Rachel Hall, Timothy and Penelope Harding, Alan and Carol Vanessa Hudson, Keith Snell, David and Christine Walmsley, Charles Woodhouse, James Young

Peter Bailey, Sheila Blackadder, Sue Casson, Alan Cleaver, Alan Dawson, Les and Pam Easdon, Julia Fisher, Val Greenop, Peter and Gillian Greggains, Geoffrey Hall, Diane Hampton, Mandy Hodgson, Pat Hindson, Christine Lloyd, Andrew Morgan, George and Maureen McMillian, Marna McMillin, Diana Matthews, Adam Naylor, Alan Naylor, Tony and Fiona Parkinson, Willie Reid, Barbara Scrugham, Margaret Thorpe, Thomas Tuohy, Richard and Carol Warren, Melanie and Robert Wotherspoon

Peter Atkinson, Christopher Ayling, Michael Brewer, Christine Butler, Marion Brown, Lesley Canfield, Phillip Cartwright, June Clark, Gordon Colquitt, Kathleen Cook, Theresa Cowley, Fran Dugan, Katie Earl, John and Dorothy Edger, Janet Farebrother, Karen Fisher, Mike and Carol Fossey, Ronald Fowler, Claire Francois, Dorothy Garnett, Anne Gate, Charles Grant, Jill Hale, Peter and Ann Hathaway-Jones, Edmund Herd, Jane Hewitson, Rosemary Hindle, John Hunton, David Johnston, Valerie Johnston, Thomas and Jennifer Jones, B Livesey, A Last, Jo McGill, Susan McQuail, David Mason, Chris and Kam Massey, John Meeks, Sarah Moore, Ian and Alex Nancollis, Lorna Nolan, Heather Ockenden, Michael and Bertha Priestley, Clive and Margaret Riches, Hazel Roscoe, Elaine Ross, Tony Savage, John Sharpe, Elizabeth Simpson, Christine Slater, Rob Stephen, Jean Stevenson, Margaret Trotter, J Williamson

Kevan and Lyn Baker, Richard Bailey, Phil and Mary Balgue, Karen Barnes, David Bartholomew, Margaret Beck, Maggie Bedford, Donna Bell, John Biggs, Neil and Joan Bingham, Alison Bird, Donna Bell, Carol Blackett, Gillian Bowe, Stephen Bowes, Jane Craig, Christine Cummings, Leonard Cummings, Ceilia Davis, Jan Heijne Den Bak, E L Dixon, Fiona Donaldson, Suzanne Dorricott, Peter Ellis, Michael Forsdyke, Alan Fox, Susan Fox, Lena Gibson, Brian Goulding, Pamela Gummery, Stewart Grant, Ruth Guthrie, Nik Hardy, Ingrid Harrison, Hilda Hazelwood, Susan Heaslip, Ian and Leonie Hill, Rosemary Hindle, Ethel Hodges, Joan Housby, Margaret Howarth, Angela-May Hoyle, John and Debbie Hughes, Christopher Jefferson, Sarah King, Fiona Lambrick, Martin Liefeith, Elaine Linch, June Lind, Joan Logan, Shane Lowrie, Nina Ludgate, Audrey McAvoy, David and Joan MacDonald, Joan McMurtry, Daphne Mercer, Frank Mifflin, Teresa Mullett, Ron Nicholson, Graham Nixon, Hilary Norman, Elizabeth Norton, Gill Olley, Jonathan Parr, Sheila Pickering, Michael and Bertha Priestley, Claire Raymond, Barry and Karen Richardson, Anne Ross, Ian and Aileen Rule, Mary Scowcroft, Wendy Skillicorn, Andrew and Lynn Sloan, Alison Smith, Mike Smith, Charles Sowerby, Iris Spargo, Margaret Westhead, Roger and Pam Wildsmith, Alison Wilson, Berenice Walker, Lorna Tranter, Jane Wrightman, Martin Wright

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