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Taking Part

Taking Part: Creative Wellness Taster Sessions

As part of our Creative Wellness Season in partnership with Copeland Wellness Service, we will be providing a series of free creative taster sessions for young people and adults to encourage and support wellness.

Each week we will be hosting a relaxed, fun, enjoyable, stress free creative session where participants can express themselves in a non-judgemental way and learn about every day techniques or creative things which they can also practice in their own time to help aid wellness.

At each session we will have a member of the Copeland Wellness Service team in place to provide some additional pastoral support. The workshop’s will be free for participants and we will also be providing support with travel and some healthy snacks at the sessions.

The aim of the programme is to promote creativity as a wellness activity and encouraging more social prescribing to creative activities.

If you are interested please sign up via the following link and book on the session. You do not have to commit to all sessions and If you would like to speak to the Copeland Wellness Service about your current situation before then please feel free to contact them and a member of the team will follow up with you.

Copeland Wellness Service work with local residents to feel better! Referrals into the service can be made via a Copeland GP practice or you are able to refer yourself directly. Their service can help you with a wide range of issues that may include low mood, anxiety, low confidence, relationship issues, getting more active, eating better, housing debt, learning new skills, being more creative, volunteering employment…and many more areas that are important to you.

They will be on hand at the wellness sessions to meet and discuss how to support you or to make a straightforward referral to their social prescribers or health coaches. They specialise in helping with lifestyle goals, however they are not a crisis service or a replacement for seeing your GP in times of medical need. The service is free and is provided by Copeland Primary Care Network (NHS).

You can refer to our service on 07557 134652 during office hours or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Creative Wellness

Taster Session programme

Wednesday - February 9 to March 30 2022

Support with transport can be provided on request. Please also let us know if you have any access needs so that we can support you in the sessions as best we can.

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Timing of the sessions will be as follows;

1:30 – 3:30pm Adults 18+

4:30 – 6:30pm Young People 11 – 17


Wednesday 9 February

Relaxation with Ceramics

Philippa Whiteside

Try your hand at working with porcelain to make your very own positive affirmation wall plaque!

Let’s get messy with clay… that isn’t brown or grey. We will have a rainbow of colours to stain the clay body, lace to imprint, stamps, shape cutters and more. Basically a goodie box of fun to be had.

Your plaque will then be carefully dried, fired, glazed and fired again- ahead of you picking up your masterpiece from Rosehill’s box office. All materials are provided for free and there will be printed resources to take away with you.


Wednesday 16 February

Comedy & Improv

Stephen Armstrong

The mind is a funny thing, so what better to boost your mental wellness than with some comedy fun. Play and shared experiences give us the tools to better deal with those moments when we all need a boost. Through this workshop we will learn to add to our toolkit and develop ways to concentrate on how through creative wellness we can all benefit and help each other to embrace the wonderful variety of life.


Wednesday 23 February

Rag Rugging Making

Janice Murray

Lovely and relaxing and a traditional Cumbrian winter activity that can easily be done at home. Traditionally rugs were made with old chopped up clothes, over the winter, in front of the fire.


Wednesday 2 March

Movement & Relaxation

Susie Tate

Relaxation through moving and creating: A place to enjoy moving, creating stories and finding new ways to relax your mind and body. Using objects found in our natural environment, we will explore their stories and create our own unique body stories to help unwind and escape from the busyness of our lives.

No experience required and sessions are fully accessible.


Wednesday 9 March

Poetry Making & Spoken Word

Emma McGordan

This is a safe space for you to explore and create your own poetry and verse in this supportive creative session.

No experience required and sessions are fully accessible.


Wednesday 16 March

Drama & Performance

Rick Ferguson

This session is for anyone, whether you have done some drama before or have never done any at all, no previous experience required!

It will be relaxed and informal and participants can choose to take part in everything they feel comfortable joining in with.

Through a series of interactive games and group activities we will get to know each other and begin to look at the basics of drama and performance. This will include exploring how to use the body and voice, exploring how to convey emotions & intentions, and how to improvise scenes.


Wednesday 23 March

Creative Photography

Tom Kay

Learn basic photography techniques and composition with your own devices. No experience necessary and any phone with a camera or digital camera will be suffice for this session.



Wednesday 30 March



Music makes us feel good. And at the heart of music is a primitive beat that pulses through all of us. What better way to get in touch with the real you and others around you than to play rhythms together. In this session we'll learn to play a simple rhythm together and even create a rhythm of our own. Then hunt a woolly mammoth. No previous experience necessary (well maybe spear throwing for the mammoth bit).



Performance times and tickets

  • Wednesday 9 February
    Wednesday 16 February
    Wednesday 23 February
    Wednesday 2 March
    Wednesday 9 March
    Wednesday 16 March
    Wednesday 23 March
    Wednesday 30 March

    1.30pm • Adults 18+
    4.30pm • Young People 11 – 17

  • Tickets

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  • Running Time approx 2h

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