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Theatre: MathildaMathilda

MathildaMathilda is a new adventure story for anyone who has ever wanted to fit in but had no idea how. It features live performance, puppetry and original jazz compositions.

A paper heart is caught in the wind. It flutters from the fingers of a little girl who had been practising writing her name on it: MathildaMathilda. The heart lifts and the breeze blows it into the air.

On the hill, overlooking the sea, Nelly works in her artist's studio. Their childhood doll sits in a bag, forgotten. But in the bag is not one doll's head...but two. The heart blows through the window and gently lands on the doll's breast. MathildaMathilda opens her eyes, rolls them around and starts... she is alive! But what is she?

This is an adventure story. A story of connection, and of separation. A tale in which two heads are better than one. Of seaside towns, urban jungles, exploding paint factories, and of a wicked Diva with a forgotten past. The story of MathildaMathilda.

Created and performed by mother-daughter duo Tomasin and Ros Cuthbert in Soap Soup Theatre's first show for older audiences. Boasting jazz compositions by one of the London Philharmonic's young composers for this year, Ashley John Long, and bursting with unforgettable characters and stunning scenography.

This is a highly original piece of work, not to be missed.

Performance times and tickets

  • Saturday 8 June • 1pm
  • Tickets
    £10 • £8 U26
    Plus booking fee

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  • Suitable for ages 7+

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