Oddsocks: ROGER Radio Attempts Frankenstein

Family Theatre
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1h 50m w/interval
£14 • £10
Age Guidance

Those cheeky chappies and lovely ladies of the “renowned ROGER Radio cast” are back and this time it’s DREADFUL!

Prepare to delve into the grim laboratory of Dr Frankenstein from the comfort of your theatre seat. Experience the creation of a monster from several human corpses (EURGH)!

GASP as the creature comes to life. Play the part of a humble local to save the village from the creature’s revenge.

Will Dr Frankenstein face his destiny?
Will the monster eat your crisps?
Will there be a dry seat in the house?

Answers to all these questions and more when you join ODDSOCKS as ROGER RADIO attempts Frankenstein!

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Dorothy Palmer - 2023-07-09

Lovely little theatre with a very varied programme. Good bar, and a lovely atmosphere.

Helen Conolly - 2023-07-08

An intimate, cosy and comfortable theatre. Friendly and helpful staff. Pleasant bar area.
Rosehill consistently provides fantastic shows. We are fortunate to attract such talented performers to visit our theatre.

John Shallcross - 2023-07-07

Excellent productions in a friendly first class theatre. I haven't been disappointed, yet.

Linda Tranter - 2023-07-05

Rosehill is a hidden gem. The theatre is special and makes you feel as if you are going some where special.

Peter Hinde - 2023-07-06

Superb venue, clean, and the theatre is beautiful. Saw a film for the first time last night, sound and picture were awesome. Highly recommended.