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KIND futures.

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KIND Futures is well underway, with our thirteen brilliant creatives starting their work with us and Unfinished Business in November. Since then, they have been engaging in weekly workshops over Zoom that take them out of their creative comfort zones, encouraging them to work in new and exciting ways.

This project is developed as part of Rosehill’s new project, KIND, which will aim to unite communities, support well-being, and help reduce isolation across Whitehaven and surrounding areas. The project will be led by two new Community Producers and a team of dedicated Community Creatives who will initiate, lead, and deliver on projects that blend creative well-being, social prescribing, socially engaged art, and community collaboration by, for and with the people of Whitehaven and beyond.  

Unfinished Business 

This unique opportunity is devised and delivered by Unfinished Business. Drawing on their experience making Social Art projects, Unfinished Business will structure the programme around three core themes: Dialogue, Ritual, and Participation. Focusing on each of these, you will be invited to explore new ways to harness your creativity to bring people together, empower communities and affect positive change. 

Unfinished Business are artist/performance maker Leo Kay and producer Anna Smith. They have been creating work together for over 12 years and have created and presented work across the UK and abroad, in arts centres, theatres, festivals, broken-down hotels, church halls, bedsits, above pubs, and in houses. Since 2019, they have focused on working within community contexts, making Participatory Social Art with groups of people. Their current practice, The Bakery of Slow Ideas, encompasses a range of projects which use the actions and metaphors within sourdough bread baking and vegetable fermentation to counter the societal normalisation of hyper-productivity and extractionism. It offers tools for resistance to the inevitable outcomes of these unsustainable modes, including exhaustion and burnout on a personal, societal, and ecological scale. Creative engagement, dialogue, and ritual become nourishment, rest, reflection, and digestion strategies. UB has developed and presented different elements of this work across England with organisations such as Derby CAN, Heart of Glass, Cambridge Junction, Rosehill Theatre, and in several arts and educational settings in Belgium, Germany, and this year in Italy and Brazil. 

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Dorothy Palmer - 2023-07-09

Lovely little theatre with a very varied programme. Good bar, and a lovely atmosphere.

Helen Conolly - 2023-07-08

An intimate, cosy and comfortable theatre. Friendly and helpful staff. Pleasant bar area.
Rosehill consistently provides fantastic shows. We are fortunate to attract such talented performers to visit our theatre.

John Shallcross - 2023-07-07

Excellent productions in a friendly first class theatre. I haven't been disappointed, yet.

Linda Tranter - 2023-07-05

Rosehill is a hidden gem. The theatre is special and makes you feel as if you are going some where special.

Peter Hinde - 2023-07-06

Superb venue, clean, and the theatre is beautiful. Saw a film for the first time last night, sound and picture were awesome. Highly recommended.