Rosehill Workshop - Crafting the Perfect Coffee: Hand Brewing Methods

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Welcome coffee enthusiasts!

Join us for an immersive experience in the art of hand-brewed coffee. In this workshop, we'll explore various manual brewing methods that allow you to savour the true essence of coffee.

From pour-over to French press, we'll guide you through each step, helping you unlock the rich flavours hidden in every coffee bean. Let's embark on a journey to elevate your coffee brewing skills!

Workshop Schedule:

Understanding Coffee Beans:

  • Introduction to different coffee bean varieties, origins & processing

  • Discussion on the impact of origin, roast level, and grind size on flavour profiles.

Essential Equipment Overview:

  • Explanation of the various hand-brewing tools (pour-over cones, French press, AeroPress, etc.).

  • Demonstration of proper use and maintenance of each tool.

Grind and Brew Basics:

  • Importance of grind size and its influence on extraction.

  • Hands-on activity: participants will practice grinding coffee beans to the right consistency for their chosen brewing method.

Pour-Over Mastery:

  • Overview of the pour-over technique.

  • Step-by-step guide to achieving a balanced extraction.

  • Live demonstration and hands-on practice for participants.

French Press Excellence:

  • Understanding the immersion brewing process.

  • Tips for achieving the desired strength and flavour in a French press coffee.

  • Group activity: participants will create their own French press coffee.

AeroPress Adventure:

  • Introduction to the AeroPress and its versatility.

  • Step-by-step guide to brewing a rich and aromatic cup.

  • Pairing discussion: exploring how different beans complement the AeroPress method.

Tasting Session:

  • Comparative tasting of coffee brewed using different methods.

  • Discussion on flavour nuances and personal preferences.

  • Q&A session: Participants can ask questions and seek advice on improving their brewing techniques.

This workshop is designed to be interactive, educational, and, most importantly, a lot of fun. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of hand-brewed coffee and discover the joy of crafting the perfect cup!

Inclusive of a bag of coffee to take away.

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Dorothy Palmer - 2023-07-09

Lovely little theatre with a very varied programme. Good bar, and a lovely atmosphere.

Helen Conolly - 2023-07-08

An intimate, cosy and comfortable theatre. Friendly and helpful staff. Pleasant bar area.
Rosehill consistently provides fantastic shows. We are fortunate to attract such talented performers to visit our theatre.

John Shallcross - 2023-07-07

Excellent productions in a friendly first class theatre. I haven't been disappointed, yet.

Linda Tranter - 2023-07-05

Rosehill is a hidden gem. The theatre is special and makes you feel as if you are going some where special.

Peter Hinde - 2023-07-06

Superb venue, clean, and the theatre is beautiful. Saw a film for the first time last night, sound and picture were awesome. Highly recommended.