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Board members

Rosehill Arts Trust Ltd is a registered charity (number 250846) which presents performing and participative arts at Rosehill Theatre and out and about in community based venues through Rosehill on the Road and its Taking Part programmes. It is run by a non-executive Board of Trustees and Rosehill's director.

Rosehill has also developed commercial activities including The Green Room restaurant, bars and conferencing, which it runs through its wholly owned trading subsidiary company, Rosehill Theatre Enterprises. This company has its own independent Board of Directors, chaired by a trustee of the Arts Trust, and it exists to provide a financial resource to the Arts Trust to further its charitable objectives.

Vice Presidents

Norman Clarkson

Tim Knowles

Charles Woodhouse


Rosehill Arts Trust Board Members (Trustees)

John Clarke (Chair)

Yvonne Clarkson

Richard Elder

Lucy Gallagher (née Sekers)

Tim Knowles

Peter Mann

Andy Smith

Paul Terry

Company Secretary, David Jane


Rosehill Theatre Enterprises Board Members

Andy Smith (Chair)

Martin Liefeith

Stephen McCullough

Company Secretary, David Jane

We are grateful to the following organisations for capital funding:

We are grateful to the following organisations for revenue funding:


We are grateful to the following organisations for their in kind support: