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When you make a donation, we will collect your name, address, phone number and email, in order that we can identify our donors and fulfil any obligations to you.

We also use this data to understand where our donors come from, so we can better target our marketing activities. We also use this to tailor our communications with you (subject to consent being received) and to tell you about forthcoming appeals that we hope might be of interest to you. See MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS for more information.

If you are donating by credit/debit card, we process this directly through a PDQ machine whilst you are on the phone or at the Box Office. The PDQ Machine does not store this information, nor do we record your card details anywhere.

If you are paying by Direct Debit, this is administered by our partners at Buffalo. If you make a Gift Aid declaration, we are required by law to store this information for 7 years.

Donation data is held on our Box Office Software, Databox 4 and any supplementary information is held on password protected spreadsheets, or where information has been provided in writing, is secure storage. Where identifiable information is transferred between staff members, it will be done using securely passworded documents.

When you donate, we will check with you that we have the right data, in order that we can ensure that it is always up to date. If you become inactive (ie do not book or donate to us) for more than 5 years, we will automatically delete your record. As of June 2020, this will reduce to 3 years.


We are grateful to the following organisations for capital funding:

We are grateful to the following organisations for revenue funding:


We are grateful to the following organisations for their in kind support: