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Our Work.

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We are a cultural organisation based in West Cumbria which works collaboratively with regional and national organisations to provide cultural experiences and opportunities for the communities of West Cumbria and beyond.

Our vision is to bring about positive and lasting cultural and social impact in West Cumbria, where everyone can access quality arts and cultural experiences.

We aim to promote well-being, enjoyment, and togetherness through socially responsive, community-minded, thought-provoking, and place-inspired cultural experiences and development opportunities.

Our values

  • We encourage artistic excellence, integrity, and creative risk-taking.

  • We nurture new artists and visionary leaders and support the local cultural infrastructure.

  • We promote inclusion, access, and a commitment to anti-racism.

  • We foster dialogue with our communities and seek to create equitable cultural spaces.

  • We care for the health and well-being of our community and each other.

  • We look after our environment and work towards a carbon-neutral future.

  • We are committed to improving the quality and appeal of what we do.

Our aims for 2023-26

  1. Community connectivity and care - Collaborative programmes improve access to cultural opportunities, respond to local needs, and support community well-being, connectivity, and inclusiveness.

  2. Cultural families - Collaborating with a community of local families and family-focused organisations to improve access to high-quality cultural opportunities at Rosehill and across the area.

  3. Place-based cultural development - Developing stronger cultural partnerships, building skills and capacity, and growing the collective impact of the cultural sector in Copeland and West Cumbria.

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Dorothy Palmer - 2023-07-09

Lovely little theatre with a very varied programme. Good bar, and a lovely atmosphere.

Helen Conolly - 2023-07-08

An intimate, cosy and comfortable theatre. Friendly and helpful staff. Pleasant bar area.
Rosehill consistently provides fantastic shows. We are fortunate to attract such talented performers to visit our theatre.

John Shallcross - 2023-07-07

Excellent productions in a friendly first class theatre. I haven't been disappointed, yet.

Linda Tranter - 2023-07-05

Rosehill is a hidden gem. The theatre is special and makes you feel as if you are going some where special.

Peter Hinde - 2023-07-06

Superb venue, clean, and the theatre is beautiful. Saw a film for the first time last night, sound and picture were awesome. Highly recommended.