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Corporate giving

Partnering with Rosehill is a great way to help the community and to help your business. We have a range of possible packages to suit your priorities.

The arts are based in creativity as is every good business, driven by innovation and fresh thinking – imagination and invention.

The arts promote life-long learning and improve health and well-being – with participation particularly shown to reduce stress and increase levels of happiness.

The arts also help to shape the places we live in. Rosehill Theatre and The Green Room restaurant are playing their part in the local economy, creating jobs, attracting visitors and inward investment. They also make West Cumbria a more attractive place for people to live and work with their partners and families.

In addition to all of this this, Rosehill Theatre is here to provide entertainment and fun!

Supporting Rosehill and associating your company with these benefits and with the quality of Rosehill, will help you to reach our always growing customer base through mailings and through the media.

The Teners

We are delighted to announce the ADAPT partnership of Orano (formerly Arreva), Doosan Babcock and Atkins as our first Teners.

Teners commit £5,000 over four years to Rosehill and in return are assured of:

  • High profile in printed materials, online and at Rosehill, mentions through media
  • First opportunities on prime corporate entertainment packages for top performances to suit your business requirements
  • An Annual Report on Rosehill’s social impact for inclusion in your own social impact and corporate social responsibility reporting

As with everything, one size does not fit all and we will be pleased to tailor a package to meet the support that you can give to Rosehill. Call us today to discuss further opportunities!


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