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Taking Part

Taking Part: Rosehill's Book Shop



thumbnail_thumbnail_IMG_7706Sekers: A History in Design

A collection of photographs and imagery from the golden years of Sekers Fabrics. This book takes a look behind the scenes at the Sekers factory, designs and works from Oliver Messel and Cecil Beaton; and fasion collections from the 1950s and 60s.





Rosehill: A History in Design

A short history Rosehill's inception, the inspiration behind the theatre, the meeting of Oliver Messel and Nicholas Sekers and the tapestry they stitched together.




thumbnail_3255Rosehill: The Story of a Theatre

Rosehill Theatre was founded in 1959 largely on the initiative of Sir Nicholas Sekers. Throughout its 50 years, this unique theatre has presented some of the greatest names in drama and music. It's a remarkable story.







Construct your own Toy Theatre

Includes four set designs and characters based on:

Sleeping Beauty ballet designed by Oliver Messel at Sadlers' Wells in 1946.

Zémire et Azor opera dsigned by Oliver Messel at Bath Society in 1955.

Pierrot in Turquoise by Lindsay Kemp and performed by Kemp and David Bowie at Rosehill Theatre in 1968.

A re-imagined fashion show with the garments made by designers in the 1950s and 60s with fabric made from Sekers Silk Mills in Hensingham.

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