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Home What's On Theatre The Fabularium - Reynard The Fox


Home What's On Theatre The Fabularium - Reynard The Fox

Theatre: The Fabularium - Reynard The Fox

The Crick Crack Club's Fabularium – a nomadic haven of fairytales for grown-ups and myths for kids!

Reynard the Fox

The tale of Reynard the Fox follows the woodlands most infamous scoundrel who prides himself on being the trickster of the forest.e50decc0-62b5-45b0-aa0c-68304f16a39a-LST375129

But when the Woodland Court announces the theft of the King’s Crown Jewels the animal kingdom immediately blame the fox. Reynard must do everything he can to prove his innocence and avoid certain death, as well as maintaining his devious persona. Will the gift of his silver tongue be a shade too bright against his roguish red fur to save his own tail?

Reynard the Fox, is a new piece of engaging outdoor theatre for family audiences of all ages, using The Fabularium’s unique aesthetic, strong imagery and all performed upon their traditional wooden cart. It will feature storytelling, puppetry, original live music and The Fabularium’s bespoke animal headpieces.

Housed in a beloved tented theatre, with lights twinkling and flags flying, this is a travelling festival of fairytales for grown-ups and for families. You'll find us in city parks, farmer's fields and on village greens across the land.

If you're a thinker, or a dreamer, and you have an imagination which you like to feed – then this is for you! And if you're not sure whether it's your thing, then come and find out.

This is a pop-up, story-fuelled extravaganza in true Crick Crack Club style!

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Outdoor production - please bring your own chair or blanket to sit on and dress for the weather!

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With PWYD, customers can book their place in advance then decide after the show what they think it is worth – therefore removing the risk of paying for something they might not enjoy.

PWYD tackles both affordability and risk, two of the greatest barriers to people attending new work.

Booking information

Please book online where possible. If you have difficulty with our website, call 01946 692422 and leave a message for us to respond as soon as we can.

Performance times and tickets

  • Friday 12 August • 11.30am & 2.30pm

    Outdoor performance in the grounds of Rosehill

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